Are you wondering if you have ADHD? Or do you need help managing the symptoms?
Discover coping strategies to help you flourish!

Adult ADHD Assessment and Psychology Therapy Sunshine Coast

Do you find yourself:
-Being disorganised
-Late to appointments
-Struggling to focus
And you suspect you have ADHD?
We can help assess if you have ADHD.

Maybe you have already been diagnosed with ADHD and you want to explore mind tools to help your everyday life?

ADHD is not only a childhood condition!
We have psychologists who are assess and offer therapy for adults.

ADHD is a developmental condition characterised by inability to focus for long periods of time, being distracted easily, procrastination. 

This can cause stress within relationships, problems in the workplace, mess or clutter in the house, tendency to lose items, running behind and becoming forgetful. 

HOWEVER, its not a condition that you “suffer” with, because with the right tools those with ADHD are often very creative, social with an entrepreneur mindset and can hyper-focus on certain tasks (particularly things of interest). They are known to become “masters” of certain topics. 

Those with ADHD are not lazy or careless, their brain is just wired differently.

You can use ADHD to work with YOU and not against!

It is estimated that between 2-3% adults are diagnosed with ADHD, according to APS. We are here to help you!

Want to complete an ADHD Assessment? OR discover how Psychologists can help you with ADHD symptoms?

YES! We also offer therapy for Children with ADHD and Assessments.

We have an amazing team who work with children and teens.

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