Psychologist - Anu Johnson

Psychologist – Anu Johnson

EducationBachelor of Psychology, Master of Psychology

Psychologist – Anu Johnson

About Psychology Practitioner Anu Johnson

Psychologist Anu Johnson is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency and Medicare. She has completed her Masters of Psychology degree in her home country of Finland and practiced there as a registered psychologist for over seven years prior to moving to Australia. She has extensive experience in working with children, adolescents and families. She also offers services to adults.

Anu has Psychology Service and Mooloolaba at Integrated Wellness Clinic

Anu has worked most of her career in a Family Counselling Clinic in Finland, where she offered assessment, therapy and support to clients of all ages with a range of different concerns. In Australia Anu has worked with children diagnosed with wwwelopmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum disorder and ADHD. She has always worked in a multidisciplinary team setting and believes this to be a very effective approach.

Anu has a warm and empathetic approach and she works to find the best goals and solutions together with the client in a collaborative and equal relationship. Anu strives for a deep and holistic understanding of the client’s situation to promote positive and lasting changes. Anu emphasises the importance of strengths, resources and interests and utilises them in treatment. When working with children the sessions are made fun by using creative and playful methods for learning new skills. Anu can help the client find balance and a foundation of holistic wellbeing to build a productive life on.  

As a Psychologist Anu Johnson uses a range of evidence-based approaches, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, motivational interviewing and interpersonal therapy. With children she uses elements of play therapy. She has a client-centered and family therapy influenced approach.

Anu provides expert psychological services to adults, children and adolescents with conditions such as:

– Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders

– Trauma and loss

– Behavioural and emotional regulation issues

– Social difficulties, (excessive) shyness

– ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other wwwelopmental disorders

– Adjustment difficulties to events such as life changes, family issues (e.g. separation)

Caloundra Naturopath ClinicPlease note that when working with children it is essential to include the primary carer in the treatment process. Parents’ or carer involvement is also encouraged with adolescents, to a wwwelopmentally appropriate degree.

For adults Anu offers parental and carer support and psychoeducation that can help in the many challenges family life can bring. Anu also works with adults experiencing presentations such as anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.

Having first-hand experience of relocating to another country, Anu has a special interest in any issues with adjusting to a foreign culture. She can provide therapy in English, Finnish and Swedish languages and she also speaks some German and Spanish.

Anu offers a number of clients 100% Medicare bulk billed sessions. To obtain a medicare bulk billed session, you will need to get a letter of referral from your GP.

Anu offers psychology services from our Sunshine Coast Caloundra & Mooloolaba Psychology clinic.

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