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Genetic Testing for Optimal Health“Your gene loads the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger”

In other words, you can’t change the genes you are given, but you can influence the function of your genes, through your diet, environment and lifestyle.

Genetic testing is becoming more and more prevalent as certain genetic variations are now known to have the potential to significantly impact on overall health and susceptibility to chronic disease. In this sense, genetic testing is an amazing tool that enables you to optimise your health and prevent your risk of disease by implementing lifestyle and dietary choices that are specific to your genes. This is known as nutritional genomics – the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health.

Genetic testing can reveal insight into many areas of health including, but not limited to: detoxification, methylation, nutrient requirements, inflammation, fat metabolism (e.g. cholesterol), weight management, insulin sensitivity, exercise, and bone health.

Understanding the lingo:
Genes are sections of DNA, that give instructions for cells to produce a specific protein or enzyme.
So for every enzyme in the body, there is a gene that is responsible for producing it. For example, the MTHFR gene is responsible for producing the MTHFR enzyme.
Genetic variations are simply variations in the DNA sequence in each of our gencomes – this is what makes us unique!
The most common type of genetic variation is a SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) or ‘snip’. This is when there is a difference in one base pair. SNPs are different from what is found in the normal population, however they are very common. Two common SNPs are the MTHFR SNPs – MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C. If you have a SNP, it simply means your body requires a little extra support, such as specific dietary and lifestyle habits or specific forms of nutrients delivered through supplementation.

Who may benefit from genetic testing?

In short, everyone can benefit from genetic testing. Genetic testing offers a valuable insight into your individual genetic makeup and may assist:
-To prevent and reduce the risk of chronic disease
-To better manage existing health problems
-To improve your energy levels and overall health
-To reduce the ageing process
-To optimise detoxification
-As part of a general health assessment and wellness plan

There are many different ‘gene panels’ that can be tested, and the choice of test will depend on your individual health priorities. We currently offer genetic testing through 5 different laboratories. Genetic tests are affordable and non-invasive (saliva or blood sample). You can complete them in the comfort of your home – we just send you the test kit. The process is easy and the results provide an informative and research-based guide to better health!

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