Sunshine Coast AcupunctureChinese Medicine has been treating mental-emotional disorders for millenia. 
Did you know that in Chinese medicine, mental activity is considered to be inseparable from bodily functions, and mental diseases are generally not treated differently from any other disorder.
The Chinese word for depression refers to stagnation on both a physical and mental level, and is usually addressed with the same diagnostic and therapeutic means as diseases that would be considered to have entirely physical origins in the West.
Chinese Medicine addresses common conditions such as –  

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • anger
  • prolonged grief
  • irrational fear
  • unstable emotions
  • hysterical behaviour
  • unfocused mind

And more serious conditions like –

  • psychosis
  • neurosis
  • schizophrenia
  • mania

Mental and physical aspects of the human body are engaged in a process of constant movement and transformation. Any physical process is believed to have mental implications and vice versa.
In general, mental energy (shen qi) is simply regarded as a more refined form of physical energy (jing qi).
Traditional treatment principles for mental diseases, therefore, are included in standard diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.
So book in today and bring balance to your body-mind.

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