Naturopathic Consultation by Phone & Skype

Are you seeking a Naturopath Skype or Naturopath Phone Consultation? Are you wanting Rural Naturopath? Do you live away from our clinic, but would like to be under our Naturopathic Care?

Our Naturopaths are very confident in conducting consultations in this manner so you can be assured you will receive the same care as those who physically attend the clinic.

No matter where you are in Australia, we are here to help

A skype or phone consultation with one of our Naturopaths is perfect for those who:

  • Are wanting to get to the bottom of their health by identifying and correcting the root cause
  • Tired of the confusion around their health
  • Seeking evidence based clinical naturopathic methods
  • Would like integrative pathology to assess how their body can function optimally
  • Prefer to be treated by a team of Naturopaths who are comfortable working along with the clients medical doctor

What’s included in a Naturopath Phone Consultation or Skype?

  • Prior to the consultation you will be sent an in detail questionnaire that runs through each system in the body
  • During your consultation your Naturopath will go through your health history and what your current health concerns and health goals are
  • Any previous pathology results may also be viewed in the consultation
  • Following the consultation your Naturopath is able to send pathology test kits or referral forms to your house (with some test kits, the sample is easily collected at home and sent to the pathology laboratory, some require you to attend a pathology collection centre).
  • Following the phone/skype segment your Naturopathic will spend time going over the notes from the consultation to put together your corrective care treatment plan
  • If you require nutritional supplementation we can easily post this to you
Naturopath Phone Consultation

Naturopathic Pathology testing Request

Will I need nutritional supplements?

Some clients benefit hugely by starting nutritional supplements, however, not all our clients actually need supplements, so we only prescribe them when and if they are needed. Generally we assess this based on pathology test results. Supplements can be posted or couriered to you.

What’s involved in a reassessment consultation?

  • Discuss your progress with your corrective care plan
  • Assess your symptoms
  • Reassess your treatment plan
  • Review or request pathology testing
  • Monitor your dietary intake, some clients like to keep a food diary and email this to us to discuss
  • Assess any lifestyle influences that may be affecting your physical and emotional wellbeing

It is important to note that we are very happy to work alongside your current GP and health care professionals. We believe that the integration between Practitioners and modalities is how our clients get the best outcome!

All of our Naturopath’s are confident in all areas of health including, but not limited to:

If you are tired of your current health status and you are ready to take the next step contact us to make a FREE Naturopath Assessment Appointment with one of our Naturopath’s (07) 5458 4800 . We would love to assist you in your Naturopath Phone Consultation or Skype. After this our initial consultations start at $110 and reassessment consultations start at $60. 

Please select a day & time and we will contact you
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