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Benefits of seeing an Occupational Therapist

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists support health and wellbeing by assisting people through therapy to be able to participate in everyday occupations. Occupations is not only referring to “work” but it relates to occupations of life.

Such as showering, getting  dressed, preparing meals, eating (including sensory issues) and other self care practices around the home. Sometimes they may need to make suggestions of changing equipment and environment. 

Support transition back to work after injury or illness. OT can assist managing ongoing symptoms and prevent further complications. 

Occupational Therapists can assist children build their cognitive, physical and motor skills.

They are able to provide assistance for children with learning difficulties as well as support for children with co-ordination, pen holding, writing, fine and gross motor skills as well as play skills and visual development skills needed for reading and writing. 

OT can also support home activities such as hair brushing and teeth brushing as well as sensory processing disorders such as fussy eating. 


Occupational therapy can assist with supporting emotional, psychological and physical problems that may be preventing you from getting out into the community and engaging in social activities. They can assist in building your confidence in either starting or getting back to your hobbies. 

Occupational Therapy Services

About our team

Our Occupational Therapist and Allied Health team is made up of a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic people. We strive towards the same mission of improving the health and everyday life of our community through the use of varying therapys. 

We believe that accessing health services should be easily accessible and affordable. 

We don’t believe it should be complicated or that you should get care plans that are not realistic. 

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Meet Lisa

Occupational Therapist Lisa Brown works holistically to help you do the things you need and want to do. Essentially, to perform your desired occupations – which is what we all do to occupy our time – and could be anything from reading a book, looking after the children, to running a marathon.

Since graduating, she worked for a short time in the aged care sector, before deciding to focus more on mental health, and has since mainly focused on supporting adult NDIS participants to reach their goals.

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