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Occupational Therapists working in the area of mental health support and motivate people who are struggling with many challenges and circumstances such as complex conditions like anxiety or depression, grief, stress, and adjustment.

We are here to support you achieve meaningful and fulfilling activities to help you live your occupation of life! 

Meet our Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Lisa Brown has a special interest in mental health

Occupational Therapist Sunshine Coast

As an Occupational Therapist, focusing on mental health, Lisa is able to offer support with living everyday life, including:
• Sensory processing assessments and exploration of modulation strategies to assist with emotional regulation.
• Strategies to help with managing fatigue / energy conservation.
• Exploration of assistive technologies (equipment) to support everyday living.
• Assessment of functional cognition and strategies to address cognitive challenges / mental fatigue.
• Assistance with building motivation.
• Helping to achieve work / life balance.

Needing an Assessment of Functional Capacity and Comprehensive report?
If you are an NDIS participant and requiring an assess

ment of functional capacity and comprehensive report, Lisa is also able to carry these out for clients visiting the clinic.

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