Are you struggling to lose weight?weight loss

With weight loss are you confused about what to eat?

Exercising and not shifting the kilos? 

Do you feel unmotivated, tired and stressed?

Are you interested in taking a holistic approach to weight loss? 

Would you like to know how to turn your bodies fat burning systems on?
With so many weight loss programs on the market it can be confusing to choose the one that is right for you.

Our weight loss program has been formulated with the ultimate goal of healthy weight loss. With the help of a qualified Nutritionist we can help get you on track.

Our fully customised weight loss program  may include the use of:

  • Easy, tasty meal plans
  • Weekly or fortnightly weigh and measure session
  • Nutritional formulations to assist reduce sugar cravings
  • Protein supplementation in the form of either shakes, soups or bars
  • Pathology testing to ascertain if there are any other physical contributing factors

Why choose our program?

  • We assess your bodies organs and hormones that regulate metabolism
  • We provide strategies to reduce cravings
  • Our Nutritionist is able to work around your “style” of eating. No green smoothies if you don’t like green smoothies! 🙂
  • The program is designed to lose weight at a steady pace to keep it off
  • The style of eating is maintaining and easy to incorporate into everyday life
  • It is all personal and one to one, no awkward group meetings
  • At the least, it will inspire you to look after your health, through food.

What is the benefit of seeing our Practitioners for weight loss? 

We view the body as a whole system and not just concentrate on weight loss. Often there is a hormone imbalance that prevents the person from losing weight, or there is an emotional component that needs addressing.
Our Practitioners may choose to use the tools of pathology testing, nutritional supplementation and/or herbal medicine to help achieve your goal weight.
The program generally runs for 2 months. However, it can be extended depending on your needs.
For the first month you will see your consultant weekly and then after that every 2 weeks. At each session you will be weighed, measured and complete a dietary reassessment. These are quick 15 minute sessions and cost only $30 per session, longer sessions are available if needed. You will keep a food diary in between consultations.
Weight loss consultations start at just $30 per consultation. If you have private health insurance, your rebate may cover a large portion of this fee. 

Phone to discuss how our Weight Loss Program can benefit you 5458 4800 or book online.

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