Happy hormone smoothie recipe

Hormone balancing smoothie! Benefits:    Berries contain low amounts of sugar. Highly refined sugars and grains have been linked to hormone imbalances. Chia seeds, yoghurt and avocado are all great sources of good quality fat, which is essential to hormone production Flaxseeds contain a plant...

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Are you getting enough Iron?

Are You Getting Enough Iron? Iron is essential for maintaining good energy levels and optimal health. It is arguably one of the most important minerals, particularly as it is involved in carrying oxygen to every cell in your body. Haemoglobin is...

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Natural steps to beat Anxiety!

The Anxiety Monster- The Natural anxiety treatment  Feeling occasionally anxious is a normal response to modern life. However, for some people their anxiety is like a little monster living inside, who stirs up uncomfortable feelings when faced with simple everyday...

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