Psychologist Ambrose Sunshine Coast

Psychologist – Ambrose McKinnery

Psychologist – Ambrose McKinnery

Sunshine Coast Psychologist Ambrose McKinnery

Psychologist & Counsellor Services at Integrated Wellness Clinic

BA (Hons) Psych, (SYD) Grad Dip Counselling (ACAP)

Individuals from late adolescents onwards. Relationship counselling. Registered through APHRA, Medicare-approved, DVA, NDIS, QLD WorkCover.

Ambrose brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Integrated Wellness, with 20 years’ experience in clinical and counselling psychology, as well as organisational psychology. He has also completed further training in Accelerated Change and Learning Applications (Inspiritive), and in Coaching (Australian Institute of Executive Coaching). 

Working across the lifespan from late adolescence onwards, Ambrose has experience in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Frustration & Anger Management, PTSD & other Trauma-based issues, Grief & Loss, Sleeping Difficulties, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Social & Communication skills, Drug and alcohol/Addictions, OCD, pain management, and Elder Care Issues. He also works with couples and relationship issues, as well as work-based and vocational / career issues.

As principal contractor to Selangor and Sunshine Coast Noosa hospitals, Ambrose has also gained experience in pain management and other rehabilitation, as well as medical stressors and end-of-life difficulties through his work inpatient wards. He has worked with individuals and families in very demanding circumstances and is called upon by hospital physicians for his expertise in managing patient challenges.

In terms of earlier background, Ambrose has worked with many thousands of people in the workplace, including career transition,(CV, Interviewing, job-search etc), recruitment and job-based psychometric assessments, group training, executive coaching, succession planning, job analysis, and engagement and performance projects. He has thoroughly enjoyed working with people facing workplace challenges, and these issues are often as common and as troublesome as other personal issues presented.

Psychologist Ambrose McKinnery has himself been employed in banking and finance for 7 years, been a barman, and a labourer. He has worked at mines and coal terminals. He has started several businesses and is across establishment and marketing issues.

Whilst Ambrose utilises various traditional therapeutic approaches including stress management, he also takes a real-life and solution-focused approach to issues at hand, to help people take more control of their lives, and address emotional distress through understanding the root cause. In many cases, this is an unresolved trauma or a current problem that is keeping someone stuck and distressed. Ambrose shows much compassion and empathy, but also likes to focus on the outcome and get what it is the client needs for their wellness and betterment.

Ambrose loves fitness walking, biking, and swimming. He is interested in healthy eating and sleeping well. He is also passionate in supporting Motor Neuron Disease research to help find a cure for this and other neurological diseases.   

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