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Are you seeking a Gold Coast Naturopath to help you address your health concerns?

Hi, we’re your team of Gold Coast Naturopaths. We’d love to be your partner in health so you can start feeling better, sooner.

We see so many patients struggling with persistent symptoms.

They suspect their medication is masking symptoms instead of addressing the problems.

They’re frustrated that they can’t find answers as to why they don’t feel as good as they should.

Sound familiar?

Let us help treat you, inside and out.

Our Gold Coast Naturopath clinic is inclusive and welcoming, creating a gentle space for health, insight, and healing. When you visit our Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic, you can be assured that we are committed to providing you with comprehensive health care that moves you towards complete health and wellness.

In the meantime, you might like to find out a bit more about the kinds of symptoms and conditions naturopathy can help treat, and what to expect if you choose us as your naturopathic team, by clicking here.

Many of our clients say that they can point to their first consultation with us as a turning point in their health journey.

What could a free assessment consultation with a naturopath do for you?

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A Gold Coast Naturopath consultation at Integrated Wellness Clinic is perfect for those who are:

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Tired of their current health status

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Wanting to find the cause of their health concerns

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Keen to address their health utilising an effective 3-step method

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Like the idea of medical Doctors and Naturopaths working together

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Seeking the expertise of qualified local Naturopaths on the Gold Coast

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Are wanting a clear and simple treatment plan to get you feeling and functioning better

Meet the team: Bringing together Gold Coast’s best Naturopaths

We’ve put together a team of the most talented naturopaths on the Gold Coast. Our natural health practitioners are all highly qualified, belong to leading industry associations, can treat a wide range of symptoms, and operate under our unique 3-step methodology to ensure the highest possible level of care.

Practitioner – Lorin Thorp
ND Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist 

Book Now Gold Coast Naturopath“I love Naturopathy, because it really supports the body’s ability to heal itself” 

I favour the approach of blending time proven Naturopathic methods with evidenced-based Naturopathic methods. I am a fully qualified Practicing Naturopath who has comprehensive industry experience. I am an avid believer in finding the cause of the health concerns. My experience has shown that utilising functional pathology testing as well as thorough assessment gives us a greater chance of creating a fine tuned treatment plan. During our consult we will spend the time connecting the dots between to get greater clarity about where the problems began and how we can work on optimising your health going forward. Can I help you get your health back on track?

Naturopath Bek Hall Brisbane & Gold CoastNaturopathic Practitioner – Bek (Rebekah) Hall
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist Gold Coast Naturopath
Naturopath Gold Coast Book onlineEvery day in the clinic I see the overwhelm that can be caused by the pressures of modern day life, and the stress illness can cause. Finding ways to overcome health challenges needn’t add to a person’s stress, so my approach is one of gentle understanding and practical support.”

I’ll start by listening to your story and offering you natural and scientific advice that takes into account the health of your whole person. One area I am passionate in, is the area of “Mystery Illness”, basically when there is no clear cut diagnosis, but you know something just does not feel right. There’s nothing mysterious about my treatment plans, so I’ll explain your health to you and the reason behind every treatment I recommend. Can I help guide you towards health and vitality?

Dominique Mayhew Naturopath Gold CoastNaturopathic Practitioner – Dominique Mayhew
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist Gold Coast Naturopath
Naturopath Gold Coast Book online“I believe that Naturopathy is a beautiful balance of bringing science and nature to the centre of healing”

I focus heavily on understanding you as an individual to uncover the root cause of dis-ease. By doing this it allows me to custom create your treatment plan. I am known to be a “people person” and will do absolute best to make sure you are comfortable at all stages of your care. I am passionate about getting my clients to feel well, can I help you? 


Can our Gold Coast Naturopath team help you?

Let us gift you with a FREE Naturopathic Assessment Consultation in our Gold Coast naturopath clinic, located in Bundall.

Discover what is involved in the Free Consultation

We truly cant wait to welcome you in our Gold Coast Naturopath clinic!

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Can’t get to our Gold Coast Naturopath clinic?

Not a problem. We can organise a Skype consultation with our Gold Coast naturopaths and bring our professional services to you, in the convenience of your own home.

All of our Gold Coast Naturopath team are registered with a Naturopath  Association ANPA, ATMS or ANTA.  To read more about Naturopathy see this link “What is a Naturopath?”

We GUARANTEE satisfaction. If after your first consultation you do not believe that your Naturopath has given you high quality information, service or support or your Naturopath does not believe they can help you and you let us know within 7 days, we will refund your consultation money.

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