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Sometimes in life we need a helping hand. We’d like to help you feel better.

Our Integrative Psychology Newcastle team aim to help people live a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. We do this by helping them understand why they (and others) think, feel and behave in the ways they do. And ultimately provide therapeutic treatment and psychology tools to help them to cope more effectively with life challenges. 

Our Newcastle Psychology Team:

  • provide confidential care
  • utilise constructive and evidence-based strategies
  • offer non-judgemental, empathetic and caring support
  • consult in a clinic space that is inclusive and welcoming, creating a gentle space for health, insight, and treatment.

People come to see us for an array of reasons, such as:

  • They feel anxious or depressed
  • They need help managing a difficult situation in their life
  • They feel as though they are always stressed and cant escape
  • They have been through some form of trauma
  • They want to support the psychological development of their child
  • They want to form better relationships with those around them
  • They feel overwhelmed and need clarity
  • They want to better understand their mental health
  • They want to feel well again

Our Newcastle Psychology Services


Our Services we offer a range psychological treatment for a better quality of life:

Our Integrative Psychologist on the Newcastle in New South Wales

Newcastle psychology team at integrated wellness clinicpsychology sunshine coast Glenda

Dr Glenda Lattimore Adult & Child Psychologist – Newcastle

Dr Glenda Lattimore enjoys providing psychology care to all ages and has a special interest in Childrens Psychology.  As a result of experience in psychology, she is committed to evidence-based, multi disciplinary practice in a very personable and empathetic manner. Dr Glenda looks forward to consulting with you in our Newcastle Psychology clinic.

About Dr Glenda Lattimore

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I need a GP referral to visit a Psychologist?

No you don’t. Many of our patients visit without a referral. However, if you would like to access medicare rebates you’ll have to visit a doctor first. Contact us for specific questions.

What is the number of psychologist sessions covered by Medicare?

People who are qualified for a mental health care plan can get up to 10 individual or group therapy sessions covered under Medicare within one calendar year. When these have been utilized, there are other incentives through medicare that you may be eligible for such as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).

Our supportive Psychologist offer psychology services in our Newcastle Integrated Wellness Clinic.

psychology services sunshine coast therapy room

Please phone us on (02) 9055 7780   to organise a psychology consultation.

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