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Children's & Family Psychology on the Sunshine Coast

Childhood or Kids psychology sessions assists in all aspects of development. Often we just associate seeing a psychologist with being depressed or anxious, when in fact psychologists help so much in children with shyness, attention problems and developmental delays.  Emotional, physical, mental and social developmental areas are all addressed.  

Why choose to see our Sunshine Coast Child Psychologists?

Therapists with a special interest in Children and Teens

Our team are highly experienced working with children and teens. 

3 convenient locations

We offer counselling and psychology sessions to kids and teens in our Sunshine Coast clinics in CALOUNDRA, MOOLOOLABA & Noosa clinics (as well as online). 

Friendly and Down-to-earth team

We want you to feel very comfortable. When we work with children, we are warm, friendly, and age-appropriate. We also include everyone.

Children think and behave very differently to adults so the form of therapy and expertise of the Psychologist is also very different.

There are a number of different techniques that can be used with children to deal with mental health conditions and other psychological and cognitive behavioural issues. These tend to be used to help children to develop emotional regulation, resilience, confidence, relaxation and relationship skills.

Children and even teenagers tend to prefer expressive styles of therapy over talk therapies, especially those that include elements of play and creativity such as:

  • puppet role playing
  • sand play with figurines
  • arts/crafts
  • feelings cards and music
  • writing and drawing.

What sort of situations would your family & child benefit from seeing a Children’s Psychologist in our Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Therapy clinics?

  • Recovery following physical or emotional abuse or traumatic or life-changing event
  • Attention or learning problems like ADD and ADHD- Suspected or looking at completing assessments for diagnosis
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)- Suspected or looking at completing assessments for diagnosis
  • Excessive shyness or need for social withdrawal
  • Bullying others or the victim of bullying
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Throwing tantrums for no reason
  • The transition of the family environments such as custody and parent separations
  • Grief 
  • Delayed speech
  • Bedwetting and nightmares
  • Limited interest in things they once found enjoying
  • Unexplained mood swings, sadness, anxiety, fears and phobias


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. Many people choose to see us without a referral. This is your decision. We can accept referrals from your Doctor to access medicare rebates, otherwise you are seen as a private full fee paying client.

With a mental health care plan you can claim a rebate for the consultations which usually offers a rebate of approximately half the fee. If you are self managed or plan managed NDIS you can access our services with your funding This is generalised information, please contact us for specific information.

We aim to get your child seen as soon as possible and we usually have minimal wait times but please contact us as times may vary.

Meet our Sunshine Coast Children's Psychologists and Counsellor / Psychologists working with Adolescents and Children

Our Child Psychologists at Sunshine Coast have extensive experience and specialize in providing tailored treatment plans to meet the unique needs of children and families. We understand the differences in approach when working with children vs adults, and pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment for our young patients.

Teen child psychologist

Our experienced children's psychologists on the Sunshine Coast are here to help you overcome challenges. To schedule an appointment, call (07) 5458 4800 or visit our website to request a time.

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