What is Sanum therapy?

Our Naturopath Kim Carolan is qualified in Sanum therapy. What is Sanum therapy?

Dr Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968) proved that every organism contains a primal plant germ within

its blood cells, which can change in form subject to outside or environmental influences. Enderlein

called the simple forms of non-pathogenic microorganisms “chondritins”, and discovered that these

microorganisms live symbiotically within a body when the host lives a healthy lifestyle that is in

balance with nature.


This symbiotic relationship is hugely weakened by unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, environmental

toxins, constant infections, and psychological issues (stress) because it leads to changes in the

acid/alkaline environment of our body causing healthy microorganisms to develop via pleomorphism

into pathogenic forms of bacterium and fungus, who’s metabolic processes are highly toxic and

harmful for our bodily fluids and organs. What this means is that the microorganisms naturally

occurring within our body can spontaneously change from non-pathogenic (friendly bacteria) into

potentially pathogenic (harmful) forms that can lead to disease.


Enderlein also believed that the form of the microorganism determined the disease that would

develop, so there is a specific association with certain types of microorganisms and certain diseases.

In the beginning when pathogenic microorganisms are present symptoms may include: headaches,

high or low blood pressure, feeling poorly, fatigue, tiredness, poor appetite, dull complexion, coated

tongue, ulcers in the mouth, pimples, sores, hoarseness, catarrhs, ear noises, diarrhoea, reduced

vision and/or hearing, depression, anxiety, weakness, poor concentration and memory. Long term

these symptoms can develop into diseases including vascular changes, pathological changes in blood

coagulation, rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, tonsillitis, lymphogranulomatosis, diabetes, gout,

tumors, anaemia, leukemia, cerebral sclerosis and paralyses.


With this knowledge Enderlein developed Isopathic Therapy with its specific biological remedies. The

isopathic remedies are not focused against the disease or it’s symptoms but focus on the body’s own

healing capabilities for regeneration, where genuine healing processes can occur. The remedies aim

to normalise the symbiotic relationship between the microorganism and the host on the basis of

species identical microorganisms. Specific remedies help our body to recognise pathogenic

microorganisms so that they can be broken down and eliminated, heal specific tissues and organs of

the body, and normalise the body’s ph levels.


Along with dietary and lifestyle changes Sanum Therapy has had huge success in many health


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