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Mystery Undiagnosed Condition

Undiagnosed health condition

Do you feel as though your health could be improved but you’re not sure exactly what is wrong?

Have you visited your Doctor countless times only to be told “your blood test results are normal, there is nothing wrong with you”?

Do you feel tired, flat, or just out of balance?

Do you pick up every bug that goes around even though you eat well and take care of yourself?

Do you have ongoing signs and symptoms, but nothing has been diagnosed?

You are not alone!

Many of our patients come to the clinic explaining one or more of the above statements. Our Naturopaths are ‘health detectives’, they can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together to determine exactly what is going on in your body. From here, your Naturopath uses research-based natural treatment methods that help to restore balance within the body, thus reducing signs and symptoms, and improving your vitality and long-term health.

We use a patient-centred, holistic and integrated approach to identify and treat conditions where there is no diagnosed title.

Our approach: 

Naturopathic Mind Map

When you first see a Naturopath, you will likely be asked questions about your health that you have never been asked before, and these questions may not seem particularly relevant to your health concerns, however, there is a method to the madness. Naturopathy is a very holistic approach to healthcare, meaning the body is not simply viewed as individual parts, but rather a complex whole-body system where the function of one system can greatly affect the function of another. For example, imbalances in the nervous system can cause changes to the digestive and musculoskeletal systems. Through asking a variety of questions, your Naturopath creates a mind map that is composed of your physical signs and symptoms, your health history, lifestyle history, family history, and psychological influences. Through careful analysis, your Naturopath determines possible links between these areas and therefore, potential causes for suboptimal health. Once the causes have been determined, returning the body to balance can be achieved much more easily.

Pathology Testing

The human body functions in an extremely complex way. Many things can influence the function of each body system, and therefore our overall health. For example, diet, medications, environmental toxins and even our thoughts can complicate the body’s already naturally complex processes, and cause imbalances that can have a domino-effect in the body, whereby one imbalance will lead to another imbalance. Due to this complexity, it is impossible to accurately assume what is going on in the body.

Pathology testing eliminates the ‘guesswork’ by establishing your ‘biochemical dashboard’ and revealing the roots cause/s of your health concerns. Your Naturopath uses your test results to guide your treatment plan so that any interventions are extremely specific to your body, meaning you feel better, sooner.

Our Naturopaths have access to a number of advanced pathology tests that provide an extremely comprehensive assessment of body systems. Unlike standard pathology tests, advanced pathology tests can identify dysfunction, rather than simply levels of biochemical markers. Our Naturopaths find that pathology testing identifies the missing piece of the puzzle for many patients.

Integrative Care

Integrative care simply means you can see a Naturopath even if you are under the care of another health professional, such as a Doctor, specialist, psychologist, acupuncturist, etc. Our Naturopaths happily collaborate with your other practitioners to ensure you can achieve your optimal health. Many of our clients are referred to us from another health professional, and vice versa. This is an extremely comprehensive patient care system that ensures many aspects of treatment are being covered, particularly in more complex cases.

We would love to help you uncover the root causes of your signs and symptoms, and support you through your natural journey to wellness.

Want to know how we can help you?

We recommend booking a FREE Naturopathic Assessment Consultation with one of our Naturopaths either in one of our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinics or in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic.

What is involved in this Free Naturopath Assessment Consultation? 

  1. You will be able to spend up to 30 minutes with one of our Naturopaths
  2. There is the option meet in our Brisbane NaturopathGold Coast Naturopath or Sunshine Coast Naturopath or speak with us online via skype. 
  3. The consulting Naturopath will go through your health concerns with you
  4. Your Naturopath will then explain the potential cause
  5. Pathology testing that is likely beneficial will be discussed
  6. You are encouraged to ask as many questions are you like
  7. Your Naturopath will then assess who the best Practitioner is for you to see and the type of Naturopathic plan that would best suit you. If you decide to go ahead with further treatment, great. If you do not, that is ok too. We hope that you leave learning new information.

We guarantee you will leave this Free Naturopath Assessment with 3 key learnings!

Book this Highly Educational Free Naturopath Assessment Consultation online or click the phone number to speak with our team (07) 5458 4800 .

Free Consult with Naturopath Buderim & Caloundra Brisbane Naturopath

We would love to see you in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic, Gold Coast Naturopath our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinics in both Buderim and Caloundra. Alternatively, no matter where you are, we can offer naturopathy services by phone or skype consultations and provide nutritional supplementation and pathology testing advice.


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